Hope Is NOT a Financial Strategy

42205161_xxlWhat do YOU want from your money? If past financial crisis’ has caused you to pause and re-evaluate what you want your money to do for you, you are not alone.

Tens of millions of Americans who trusted the traditional approach to saving and investing for retirement are scratching their heads. Too many will discover the plan they followed won’t provide the financial security they expected and planned on. The first decade of the 21st century left “buy and hold strategy” in shambles. The Great Recession left Main Street in a crisis of confidence regarding the motives and abilities of Wall Street to protect and preserve their hard-earned assets. The financial game has changed!

Many Americans have lost sight of why they are saving and investing. Think about your financial goals and objectives for a moment. Why are you saving and investing? What are you saving and investing for?

These may seem like simple questions; however, you may have, like many Americans, lost sight of why you are saving and investing. Many are simply on autopilot hoping that if they set aside a percentage of their income into a 401k, IRA or some other retirement vehicle they will magically have a large balance in their accounts when it comes time to retire. This is your wake up call! The fact is that if a change is not made now with what you are doing with your money, you will most likely face a financial future that is nowhere near what you dreamed about when you first thought about retirement.

Hoping you have enough money in the future is not a financial strategy! Most of us have forgotten that what we are saving and investing for is cash flow (income). Cash flow is what an asset produces in spendable money that we can use to pay for things we want or need. We buy or create assets to receive income now or in the future.

Why do you go to work? To obtain a cash flow (income) to pay your expenses and buy the things you want or are important to you. What do you hope your savings and investments will do for you? Give you cash flow to pay your expenses and pay for all of the things you have dreamed of like traveling, playing golf, visiting grand kids or donating your time to your favorite charity when you retire. The reality is that less than 5% of you will be able to do the things you chose unless you make a change with how you are saving and investing your money.

The strategies we incorporate into our individualized retirement plans, thrived during the worst decade in the stock market in our lifetime. This proven approach to wealth building has stood the test of time. It weathered the Great Depression and all 12 recessions since. It’s undefeated in every financial calamity of the last century.

The companies that provide the financial tools to make this strategy work have been around for over 100 years and were unscathed in past financial crisis’! We believe this historically sound strategy is the best bet to secure your financial future, no matter where you’re at on life’s money spectrum. Our strategy will serve as a solid foundation to your financial future and restore your confidence with your money so you know it will be there when you need it—now and in the future.

This surprisingly simple, stable and secure strategy will help you build substantial wealth over your lifetime. It works for anyone with an income and the discipline to follow a simple plan and live within his or her means. It is infinitely flexible to meet the needs of virtually anyone. It takes no special skill set or knowledge to keep it going once it’s established properly. Unlike most traditional retirement plans, you’ll enjoy complete control and access to your money at all times. Best of all, your principal and the annual growth rates are guaranteed no matter what happens in the stock market.

This simple yet powerful approach will also help you recapture the money you spend on things like cars, vacations, business equipment, education and even your home or investment real estate, and brings it back with interest into your supplemental retirement account. We’re excited and ready to share this powerful strategy with you, and we sincerely hope it helps you turn your financial dreams into reality. Please contact us today at 801-990-5055 or visit us at: www.bossretirement.com.

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