In today’s financial environment, putting your retirement plan on cruise control isn’t enough to guarantee you’ll get where you want to go.

We can help you create a road map to help you navigate life’s twists and turns.

How We Operate

Our Core Values

  • You can feel confident that each member of the B.O.S.S. team will act in accordance with each of our core values:
  • Always place the client’s needs first
  • Never mislead the client
  • Provide full disclosure of all relevant facts
  • Disclose and fairly manage all material conflicts of interest

The Accountability Standard
We work with and through numerous companies who each have a system of checks and balances to ensure full compliance with financial regulations is taking place.

Our Network of Partners

Our team seeks partnerships with reputable financial institutions who share our goal of working in your best interest. We believe each organization we partner with has a specific advantage to contribute to your financial future.

Who’s holding your assets?

We consider the custodian, the institution responsible for holding and safeguarding a firm’s or an individual’s assets, one of the most important partnerships we have. Custodians ensure each and every client receives complete transparency relating to their assets, while restricting the access others have to their money. TD AmeriTrade is the organization we choose to hold our clients’ assets.

Whenever we wish to make a change to your investments we must seek the approval of TD AmeriTrade's compliance guidelines and obey their rules and regulations.

A Culture of Transparency
At B.O.S.S. Retirement Advisors, we aim to provide full transparency so clients can have the confidence of knowing that no hidden commissions or conflicts of interests are eating into their investment returns.
As part of our commitment to transparency, we encourage our clients to perform their own due diligence, or investigation, on B.O.S.S. Retirement Advisors and any other financial advice organization prior to signing a contract.

Here are things to consider when investigating financial institutions:

  • Has the organization received government bailouts to stay in business?
  • Do they generate revenue by charging undisclosed commissions and fees on client transactions?
  • Have they been sued for profit-maximizing tactics?
  • Do they pay their staff large commission-based salaries and bonuses?

B.O.S.S. Retirement Advisors – Your Financial Partners
Maybe you’ve decided that your financial situation could use the insight of experienced financial professionals. We can help.

When working with clients, our first goal is to listen, analyze and understand your specific financial needs both now and for the future. Our next step is to pull the various pieces of your financial portfolio together and begin organizing a road map that will help you reach your goals.


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