Hope is NOT a financial strategy. What do YOU want from your money?

If past financial crises has caused you to pause and re-evaluate what you want your money to do for you, you are not alone.   

Tens of millions of Americans who trusted the traditional approach to saving and investing for retirement are scratching their heads.  Too many will discover the plan they followed won’t provide the financial security they expected and planned on.  The first decade of the 21st century left “buy and hold strategy” in shambles. The Great Recession left Main Street in a crisis of confidence regarding the motives and abilities of Wall Street to protect and preserve their hard-earned assets.   The financial game has changed! 

Many Americans have lost sight of why they are saving and investing.  Think about your financial goals and objectives for a moment. Why are you saving and investing?  What are you saving and investing for?   
These may seem like simple questions; however, you may have, like many Americans, lost sight of why you are saving and investing.  Many are simply on autopilot hoping that if they set aside a percentage of their income into a 401k, IRA or some other retirement vehicle they will magically have a large balance in their accounts when it comes time to retire.  Hoping you have enough money in the future is not a financial strategy!  

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