Sustainable Retirement Income Strategies

Whether or not you are an environmental advocate, it’s a good idea to incorporate principles of conservation and sustainability in your retirement income strategy.

Much like energy resources, it’s important for retirement income sources to be sustainable –meaning they should last as long as you do. One example of this is Social Security. To help create sustainable income from your personal assets, consider ways that you may be able to reduce expenses to help ensure a smooth transition into retirement and the preservation of your current lifestyle. You may also want to consider the merits of reliable retirement income vehicles, such as annuities.

Another way to help conserve income sources throughout retirement is to create a strategic distribution plan. For example, you may wish to allocate a higher percentage of your assets to financial vehicles that can protect your assets from market risk. Further, a sustainable strategy in which you withdraw taxable assets first so that tax-deferred assets have the potential to continue growing in order to help keep pace with potential long-term inflation may make sense depending on your unique situation.

Conserving and sustaining doesn’t necessarily mean you have to penny-pinch or plan for a significant change in your retirement lifestyle. Instead, view your retirement income strategy with the same practicality you may use to help the environment: Save prudently, conserve resources, protect your assets, and create sustainable income opportunities. Please contact us at 801-990-5055 if you would like help putting your “retirementally conscious” strategy into place.

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