Would you be upset if you lost $111,000 in retirement?

Filing for Social Security sounds simple on the surface. You take a specific percentage of every paycheck and it goes into the system when you’re working. And then when you retire, you simply file for your benefits and you get paid every month until you pass away. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. How and when you file for your social security could end up having a domino effect on so many other things, and even the most sophisticated investors never see it coming.

And the one wrong move that you make could end up needlessly costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement lifetime income. So when you file for Social Security, there’s got to be a short list of things that you look at that are crucial for you that you can’t ignore. This includes how filing impacts the taxes on your benefits, the taxes on your IRA and 401k withdrawals, taxes on your other investment income, your spousal benefits, Medicare premiums plus so much more. And if you ignore any of these things, it could needlessly cost you tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits. And if you’re within five years of filing for your social security benefits, this is going to be so important for you to understand.

Would you be upset if you lost $111,000 in retirement?

Of course, you would, because according to research featured in Forbes, 96% of Americans lose an average of $111,000 in Social Security income over their retirement life. So let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We want to help you discover how you could avoid losing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime income with a free customized B.O.S.S. Retirement social security benefits analysis. This free analysis pinpoints exactly when you should file for your Social Security and potentially get you the biggest benefits check in retirement. Plus, it also considers things like the impact of your taxes, spousal benefits, Medicare premiums, and so much more. This analysis looks at the big picture, which could help you get the most net income from Social Security.

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